Preventing Dementia Can Be Fun!

Dementia Prevention Can Be Fun!

 Dementia prevention can be fun. The latest study I am going to tell you about is how your social connections can be so important in preventing dementia. Your social circles and the activities you take part in have proven to decrease your chances of developing dementia.
A 10 year study showed that being involved in groups with social interaction and intellectual stimulation is important to preserving mental function. That is great news for you. Getting involved in activities outside of sitting on the couch watching T.V. keeps your brain sharp and is fun too.
You can grow and develop new brain cells right up until your brain quits working completely. Growing brain cells takes effort but who says that effort can’t be fun. Getting involved in activities and especially donating your time to organizations that need your help stimulates your brain and grows brain cells. You will also experience the added benefit of contributing your knowledge and time in a meaningful way and gaining the appreciation of those you serve.
Many of the retired folks I know are dissatisfied with retirement. They have lost that reason to get up and make a difference and depression sets in. Get up, get dressed and get out there and get involved. A whole new purpose and a new group to learn from and teach need you. Any time we stretch our abilities and learn something new we are building brain cells. We activate our Reticular Activating System to keep our memory working.
There are many organizations that could use your help. There are many local to my area and probably yours too. Relay For Life, Meals On Wheels, Friends Of The Library, Mentoring youth, ATCAA, Humane Society, Food Pantry, and your local church can use your help. So many organizations operate on a volunteer basis and need you to be able to exist. Get out there and get involved, you’ll save your brain.

Please leave me a comment about how and where you are involved or how you plan to when you have the chance.


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